My Kind of Heaven

Heaven must be an awfully dull place if the poor in spirit live there.

-Emma Goldman

As a young girl, I had to spend 3 hours of every Sunday being in church, participating in Sunday School and all that. Now that I am way into adulthood, I look back at these moments with pleasure; they made my childhood. There is one thing though, that never really grew on me, the singing and dancing in Sunday School. I think at some point I was told that it is a preparation for heaven, when we will all dance and sing in God’s presence. I am not writing this post to dispute that statement, just to say that the idea of eternal singing and dancing has never appealed to me. I am not much of both, and if those activities constitute heaven, I am not very excited about getting there.

That thought process had me thinking about a kind of heaven I would be excited about. There are a lot of great things about heaven; eternal joy, things being perfectly into place. I hope that heaven can be customised. If it can’t the possibility of customising it is already exciting enough for me. The great thing about heaven is that it is unlike the whole island scenario.* Heaven has no limitations, it can be about all you want.

So, this is what constitutes my heaven. My heaven constitutes moments when I feel alive. And I feel alive when I am hanging out with my friends, drinking coffee, eating pastries and simply talking and laughing. Yes, you can perhaps sense that from my love of Budapest and her pastries. In the same vein, you can sense that I am very happy with my life now. If I can just freeze the moments when I am with my friends, I would be very satisfied.

Which is of course not to say that the heaven that has dancing and singing is bad. It is just not my idea of heaven. So, what is yours?


*Island scenario –> the question: if you are stuck in an island,  and can only bring three things what would they be?


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