Exploring NYC and DC

Yes, I finally flew all the way to the United States.  I have a friend I could drag; well, he wanted to go, so there was mutual dragging involved. It was exponentially more expensive than my usual trip ( I love the Schengen arrangement), but it was worth it.



The first thing I noticed was how everything felt familiar. Manhattan does that to you. But perhaps that’s just me and my overexposure to American pop culture. Yes, I watched Spiderman, Home Alone: Lost in New York, and some other movies based in New York, enough to know that in the event of a disaster, you don’t want to be in Manhattan. Monsters and disasters seem to always converge to this particular city 😛

I also watch Criminal Minds avidly, hence the visit to DC felt equally familiar. But that is basically my experience in the US, just seeing everything I am used to seeing on screen on the real scale. And yes, the real scale it is. I agree when people say that everything is bigger in the US. It is indeed, whether that is really great depends on whether you are from Northwest Europe or the US, I suppose.

As a big city, New York is fantastic. Trust me, as a lover of small cities I know what I am talking about. I liked the atmosphere though, the anonymity the size of the city seems to give its visitor. And  numerous visitors it had. The same thing goes to DC, all the familiar building with a Roman style, and flags. Flags everywhere.

I guess I don’t have to endorse either NYC or DC, you are going to visit the place at some point anyway. And yes, if you gave a chance, you should. Just standing in one corner and watch the whole city go by is worth the experience


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