Exploring Dusseldorf

Awesome Dusseldorf
Awesome Dusseldorf

Okay, so perhaps saying that I had a chance to literally ‘explore’ Dusseldorf is somewhat of an overstatement. I went to Dusseldorf on a whim, without a plan or any preparation. As a result, I depended on my fellow explorer to guide me throughout the city.

As my previous posts perhaps indicated, I am a fan of old, old cities (and yes, I did went to Paris but lost all of my photos because of a certain errr…accident). Dusseldorf has not been on my list because I did not think that there is a lot to see. Well, historically speaking, I did not see a lot — although my lack research may be the reason for that. I went to Dusseldorf because I could not pass a chance to travel and because I knew that Dusseldorf has awesome Japanese food.

Dusseldorf is pretty though, most of the city ran along the Rhine river. And I had a chance to eat Teriyaki Udon! That was worth a 3-hour trip from The Hague!


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