Exploring Antwerpen

On an impulsive whim of a friend, I went to Antwerpen and spend an entire day there. I’m very glad to say that the trip was worth the exhaustion of a 2 hours trip after working on the deadline. It helps that people there speak Netherlands, Germany and French, with some English. It’s like being plunged into a pure European metropolitan city. And it is this variety that brings the Wow factor for me.

I love Rome. I think it’s charming because it’s consistently old. Antwerpen is different it takes you to very different stages of architectural development. It’s difficult to pin down the style that dominates Antwerpen, because it is made from variety. But that is my amateurish take, experts on architectural history will probably disagree with me on this point. I guess I should just say that I enjoy Antwerpen, and I hope you will get a chance to enjoy it firsthand too.


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