Leiden Exploration: Pieterskerk

It’s been a while. Of all the difference, the biggest one would be my location: Leiden, Netherlands. I’m new in the city, and being somehow religious, one of the first things I looked for is a church.

The trip was made almost a week ago. Last Sunday (15/9) as I was trying to find a church, I stumbled on Pieterskerk; after losing my way and having to use my broken Dutch to ask for directions. I found a church, but it was not used as a church anymore. It’s a monument, a remnant of a lifestyle people used to have. My luck (and yes, I’m grabbing on silver linings here) is that it was Open Monumentendag.

Open monumentendag, is an event on which monuments are open for public visit. As far as a consolation price goes, Pieterskerk is more than sufficient. It is gorgeous! Now I regret only visiting one monument, I should’ve visit more monuments. I hope they will have another open monumentendag next year. In the meantime (or in tussen, using the dutch word) this are the pictures I took with my measly cellphone, I hope they do the work to convey the beauty of Pieterskerk.



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