Bill grew up besides an airplane
He knew the noise of planes by heart,
and used it like watch long before he knew how to read an analogue clock.

He saw pilots. You know, drivers except for planes.
He wants to be one of them.
If he wears that kind of uniform
maybe everyone will stop treating him like a toddler

He’s 8. 
Has been listening to planes for 8 years.
It’s about time he knows what he wants.
This Christmas they HAVE to use a plane
for their vacation;
it’s about time HE sits in those things and watch his friend wave to him and those strangers always sitting behind those windows.

‘Mom! Let’s use the plane this year!’ 
‘No, it’s expensive.’
‘But I want to be in those planes instead of sideways.’
‘No, it’s expensive.’
‘But I want to be a pilot.’
‘No, it’s too expensive.’

So they will ride a bus for their holiday trip. Again.
Bill should probably just aim for 
being a bus driver.
It’s not too expensive, 
you can always see the strangers waving back, 
but really, because how can you be a pilot
 if you can barely be a passenger? 

*for them to whom airstrip is a football field, but never a transit spot. for them who watch development as it unfolds, but never became a part of it


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