Contemplating Your Death

Death makes everthing too late
-JD Robb, in death series

Some death are more difficult to accept than others. I’d say this one is one of them. This one hit hard. 

Maybe because I know that you overcame teenage pregnancy, and your life would’ve been just fine.

Maybe because you are so close to graduating highschool and actually starting your life, yet you never will.

Maybe because instead of you, we would have your son as a silent reminder of the choices you made. 

Maybe because you had a second chance in life, but it became moot. 

Maybe because you had a thriving social life, but I cannot find your friends among the mourners. 

Maybe because in spite of all your parents effort to save you, they still will be the one burrying you.

Maybe because your family still put hope in you, when all of us decided to stop caring. 

Maybe because your family could have had a point in believing, and now they no longer can prove us wrong. 

But maybe, just maybe, because the deaths of the young always feel like a waste.

And because to me, you represent dreams unfulfilled, unspoken apologies, and moot second chances.

NB: A tribute to Ria Nawipa, 11.09.1995-12.03.2013


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