Alone in Effort

The room is wide, full of empty chairs. With only 20 people present others will consider the event a flop. If it was a concert, everyone will agree that it’s high time for the performer to start considering a different career path. Yet this is a book discussion, an effort to introduce Harriet Beecher-Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin to a people who are pretty much living the situation of Uncle Tom.

Diskusi buku Uncle Tom's Cabin di STT Walter Post

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Thankfully, the success is not measured by the number of people attending, but by the opportunity to give hope and spreading it all around. Surely there are ample chances for this 20 people to do that. Surely the more the merrier, but with 20 people attending we’re doing all we can. Still, twenty people, what should we make of this situation? Was the publication not widespread enough? A fear is creeping inside me, a fear I hope to be wrong: that we are alone. That we are the only ones who care.



NB: just a note made in a discussion in Hall of STT Walter Post, Jayapura, West Papua


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