You, Love and Colors

Before you came my world was a blank white paper. Stable, without ups and downs, boring, just there. A bunch of waking up, eating and merely existing.

Then you came crashing in. It was the sun, with you running and shouting in the football field. Healthy, tanned, sweating and full of spirit; everything that wasn’t me. It started with the sun, disrupting the blankness which has been my life,introducing with it colors.

Colors, once it stormed in I didn’t have the power to deny it. There was green, the simple contentment of knowing you’re out there in the football field. Blue for the moments I didn’t see you one whole day. Orange, for the moments you dropped by in class. And rainbow, a storm of colors everytime our eyes meet, and you smile, just for me.

I wished for colors, but I got greedy. I started to want the rainbow, just for me. The rainbow you always take with you. This time, not just for the 6 hours span of possibilities school provided. Always, always you and your rainbows.

Between my inability to speak and your inability to honestly notice me, the rainbow never become mine. Not my own, not with me for a long time. Always only drops, when you finally smile to me.

And so my days continue, with a looming black for the slow realization that this might go infinitely, and you will from time to time bring single colors without staying as the rainbow in my so called blank life.


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