Why Am I Still on Social Media Again?

Sometimes I wonder why I’m still on Facebook. Between the details that I don’t really care about, the whining, complaining and all the sounding board thing I always find myself in need of a reminder when I’m scrolling down the homepage or timeline.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Blackberry Messenger. Sometimes I think I know too much from my so-called ‘friends’. Recent updates are a source of curiosity and grudge, ‘who is giving free advices now? whose friendship are in danger of ending because someone is late?’

Let me list all the things that makes me seriously consider dropping off social media altogether.

Twitter Breakdown
taken from Sara Lazarovic’s Tumblr Account

1. Sara Lazarovic is actually lucky if all she gets from browsing her timeline are (wannabe) standup comedians, braggers and promoters. There are worse tweets and Facebook status to see: anger. Expressed on social media. Below is a sample of a status I read today:

I hate people that use masks. If you have anything to say, don’t hide it.

Granted, I’m paraphrasing. I refuse to read and comment on passive aggressive status like that one. It doesn’t help me, or anyone. If  I send a message saying ‘patience, honey’ all I’m doing is giving the person a chance to elaborate on her whining and thus strengthening the ‘nudge nudge’ sense of said status. It will not make the person accused of using a mask stop using one. It’s only one’s way to express and blurt out their anger, without having to confront someone face to face. I hope I’m not alone when I say I consider this as an act of cowardice.

By expressing you anger through your status or tweet , of course everyone gets the impression that you’re assertive. NOT.

2. Facebook and twitter is the new battlefield. You can attack each other online while the rest of your friends grab their popcorn and watch it live. Some people may consider it entertaining, but it’s not for me. Have you ever been in a room while your friend’s arguing with his/ her parents? Awkward. Thanks to social media you don’t even have to be in the same room to be in this awkward situation.

taken from someecards.com
taken from someecards.com

I don’t hate social media, they’re simply enabling people to express themselves and show their true color. I like to think that I’m wiser now, at least in understanding that it’s not about which social media you use, it’s about the user who are in touch with you. I learned this the hard way.

Before Facebook hit it off, I had a Friendster account. Then I made a Facebook account, optimistically stupidly and naively, thinking that my Facebook account will be my ‘serious’ social media. It took less than one year, now Facebook homepage is mostly filled with personal ramblings of a broken-hearted friend, or an angry friend, advertisements and in very lucky occasions, happy pictures I actually like and want to comment on.

Which brings me to reasons I’m still on Facebook:

1. It’s easier as a media to exchange photos and pictures.

2. Some posts makes it all worth it: my friend graduating, someone leaving, someone stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something I can only dream of.

3. It helps me to communicate with people far, far away.

4. It helps me to come up with something to say in direct conversation with a person on Facebook, which  being as socially awkward as me, is really useful. Although I  can’t help myself sometimes from feeling like a voyeur or stalker if I know someone’s life from social media. (maybe that’s just me)

I know life is not always happy, and it is unfair to expect people to always post happy things, but I really wish anger and curses is not a part of it. Is that really too much?

P.S.: I know you probably read this and think why does she friend those people on social media anyway? Let me tell you: because while feigning ignorance to someone’s status sends a message that you’re rarely online, rejecting the request of a real acquaintance in real life means altogether ending it. 😐


3 thoughts on “Why Am I Still on Social Media Again?

  1. A wonderful insight. It is very curious to see people thinking this. I think social networks is an excellent way how to keep in touch, and share useful information. However, you also get a lot of rubbish. Filtering your news feed and restricting the number of your follows with lists could be helpful. RT via @a_kravcova

    1. yes, I should probably begin with cleaning my Facebook friends, but I have thousands so that’s probably going to be time consuming.. 🙂

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