Weekly Writing Challenge: Is GIF the way to go…

… for political commentary? No. Let me explain why.

It’s nothing personal. Personally I enjoy the ridiculousness of life. How can I not? Having a life is often frustrating, and simply ridiculous. To add to it, I’m a big fan of 9GAG, which is arguably the biggest meme site to ridicule and laugh about almost…everything.

GIF, in spite of the mysterious way to pronounce it as one blogger mentioned, is a way of combining this ridiculous pieces of life in picture and give them a story. It’s kind of like tweeting, challenging you to get to the point ASAP. And as I saw the link WordPress team gave in the challenge on how GIF is used on political commentary something occured to me. The reason I think GIF cannot replace the political commentary is the same reason 9gag, albeit valid, cannot be categorized as a political cartoon commentary of our time;

1. GIF as I saw it in the political commentary is just a way of taking out of context  certain frame (s) and then utilize it to address our opinion on something. As a 9gag fan, I can understand why and how this is funny, but it takes more than just being funny or using someone’s work to say ‘Duh’ to express something and have it be admitted as a valid political commentary much less saying ‘move over’ to traditional political cartoon.

2. GIF used in political commentary are not original. I understand its art, the way everything you use as a means of expression is a work of art. When you use someone else’ s work to say ‘duh’, it’s basically their work and you are only providing the context or if you’re better than that, the punchline. But when it’s your work it’s original, but then again how original is the concept of a moving picture in which someone says bye? Besides, when understanding the point takes looking on the title, there’s definitely more to say in defending political cartoons like the ones on the New Yorker.

But then again, maybe I’m just old-fashioned. Or reactionary. Or by writing this post I’m proving my friend right, I’m just an 80 year old woman stuck in the body of a twenty something woman.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Is GIF the way to go…

  1. Glad to see that someone else decided to critique this medium. After I post my critique tomorrow, I think we will be the only two who took the con side.

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