Friends Forever: Andy’s Story

The first thing Andy realized waking up that morning is that he’s not a highschool student. Playtime is over. Thank God he has friends. Although the number of his friends are dwindling. Gray is going to college in Java. Arthur, Noah, Jeff are going to enter the police force, which means they are also going to Java. Not as long as Gray, but 1 year without people you spend your daily life with is not easy. Jan is unsure of his future, kind of like Andy. The silver lining is that Henry, his closest friend, is not going far. Henry is going to college, but in Cendrawasih University, 30 minutes drive from where Andy stays. Regardless, they’ll be friends forever.

So with the realization that highschool is over, Andy realized that his city is not the center of the world. Life after graduation is like a junction with endless paths. And Java is one of the highways, while Jayapura is simply a paved road. But it’s okay, with Henry being here, maybe loneliness won’t haunt him.

So Andy messaged Henry. Friendship is built on this small interaction. Pick you up at 6? Proceed as usual, highschool is over but surely people don’t change that fast. Especially Henry, who Andy spends almost every waking moment with. Sure, they made a pact to meet to meet in 2020, but it’s not even necessary, this friendship will never end, the meeting in the football field will just be another day.

But Henry never replied. And Andy ran out of credits, and batteries, and changed his number without ever getting a reply. Sometimes they meet on the streets, and have a long conversation on their lives, and naively, Andy always that from those moments, everything will go back to normal, highschool-style. But it never did.

And Andy survived. He learned to live alone and whine bitterly when anyone asked about Henry. Him maturing is a process of accepting that life is a solitary process. Because if you can’t depend on your friend in silence, who can you depend on? Andy learned, no one. So much for friends forever.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt Challenge


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