Blessings and Silver Linings

Being part of MAGiS community member, one of the greatest lesson is finding a positiive side from every venture life is able to offer. Today, it has offer me a lot. And it is mighty impossible to say this 7 am, when my life today began not more than 2 hours ago.

It started with a flat tire. Exactly when I was supposed to leave for my 7:00 am class. I believe that flat tires means different things for different people. For me, it means pushing my motorcycle through at least 1 kilometer of a road while praying for an open service station in what Mrs. Wolowitz of The Big Bang Theory categorizes as ‘ungodly hours’.

Pushing a motorcycle is work. And sweat inducing. But then again, I’m counting my blessings here. One, would be the fact that there is a service station open at 7 in the morning. Two, I could still manage my forgotten business while I’m waiting and finally the best part was seeing the repairman working with the help from his son. Now, that was a heartwarming sight, and the best blessing ( or the most silver lining of this young day) šŸ™‚


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